Do you want to become a Coach?

You want to excel but you feel stuck.
You don’t know where to start.
You want to become the person you know you’re meant to be.
You want to live the fulfilled life you always wanted and change others’ lives in the process.

Become A Certified Coach By Enrolling In Excellentia Certified Coach Program.

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Why choose us?

Professional coaching faculty, staff, and Certified Coaches by ICF.

Growing your confidence and reaching your fullest potential.

Quick entry to the coaching world armed with the skills needed to excel.

International Community of like minded people

Continuous support after graduation through other services

Building a coaching practice with flexible hours and an uncapped earning potential.


Q: How long does the program last?

The program lasts from four and a half months to six months, based on the student’s own learning pace and attendance.

Q: How many sessions are there per week?

The student will have to attend 2 sessions weekly, each lasts one hour and a half.

Q: Is mentoring included in the program?

Yes, the program includes 10 hours of mentoring after finishing all the coaching sessions.

Q: What extra support is provided other than the coaching sessions?

Yes, the students will have access to our private online forum, where they can share ideas and experiences, ask questions, and interact with their fellow students and coaches as well.

q:Are the sessions recorded?

No, for two reasons. First, it is mandatory for the students to attend the sessions live to finish all the program requirements. Second, the coaching sessions are a safe space for students to share whatever they want, so recording them would breach their privacy and trust. If the student misses a session he or she can recover it later on.

Q: How will students be evaluated?

The evaluation is a two-stage process. The oral evaluation will require the student to record a half an hour coaching session, along with the peer coaching.

The written evaluation is represented by a 2 hours online exam taken at the end of the program.

q: How much would you have to invest to get all of this?

The student will have to pay 2450$ instead of 3500$ with a 30% discount celebrating International Coaching Week.

Q: What are the payment options available?

The students can transfer money, pay through check or credit card. Installement payment option is also available However, you can only sit for the final exam once you paid the whole amount.

q: What’s next in your career?

Now that the student is a certified coach by an ICF accredited organization, they can start having their own coaching sessions, whether paid or for free. The students must finish 100 hours of coaching to become ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Q: What’s next with Excellentia?

Once you are Excellentia International Institute student, you become a member of Excellentia Community, which will give you the opportunity to network and practice your coaching skills.Moreover, you will benefit from a one month free membership that will help you kick off your career.

“Coaching Is A Service. We Serve Our Clients And Have Their Well-Being As The Higher Priority.”

– Michael J. Marx

Our Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified international coaches.

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